Ameriplan's Freedom At Home & Everything You Need to Know

Freedom at Home Team came about in 1992. It is a section of Ameriplan, which is also comparable to a program called Saivian. It is what’s called a MLM system, which stands for Multi-Level Marketing. It is a pharmaceutical retail system where you must sell products such as discount cards so you can earn cash. Plus, you are supposed to get others to join up, and if they do, you would make a commission off those people.

To be honest, the majority of MLM systems are known to be scams, as there are thin lines in these programs between making and losing money. Just like a pyramid scheme, only a few people at the top make any profit and in order to make any money, you’d have to work so hard that it’s almost impossible to do it well enough. 

Considering you have to pay 100 dollars to join Freedom at Home, so you can purchase their required material, you likely should think of this as a bad idea and a scam. The fact is that if you run across any program that asks for that amount of money to begin with, you should turn the other way and run!

Pros of Freedom at Home Team

There are a few pros to the sort of job you undertake with Freedom at Home Team. These include being able to work form home and having an online career which doesn’t make you have to drive to work in bad weather and you can spend more time with your family.

If you are successful with this program like a few top people, they claim you can make upwards of $70,000 per year and of course there’s no punching a time clock or having to get up early in the morning and you could even do your work in the middle of the night in your pajamas. Plus they promise there’s no need to do cold calls, or stock any sort of inventory of products, do telemarketing type calls, or hold any sort of home parties.

Plus, they pay every week, offer dental plans, a program for buying cars, and full training in the program. And their parent company Ameriplan, is an international company, which means you can likely get assistance if you require it in many cases.  This support is offered via chat, email, They offer chat, email, and data inside of the publications you are given that can answer most questions.

Cons of Freedom at Home Team

There are also cons when it comes to joining Freedom at Home Team, such as it costs 100 dollars to join and you can’t make any money by staying with a free account. Also, once subscribed, that 100 dollar ticket could end up costing you even more cash. For example, you must maintain a website and that costs you money each and every month.

One of the main cons is you have to recruit other people into the program in order for you to make any money chances worthwhile, so your friends, family and others will get sick of listening to you beg them to try the program. Just sticking to selling the discount cards and other items won’t net you hardly any income by themselves.

So, if you hate selling to people and you are not good at convincing others to join you in this venture or to at least buy the insurance cards and products, you aren’t going to make much money in this program. A lot of people don’t even like the insurance cards once they buy them because the company requires you to pay for the services in advance, then get reimbursed via the discount insurance cards.

Complaints against Freedom at Home Team

There are also a lot of complaining going on regarding the Freedom at Home program. People who have tried it say they end up losing money rather than making money due to things like the fee to sign up and the fees for the running of a website, which costs a whopping $50 every month. Plus, you are encouraged to buy some of their sample products and at times people have been charged multiple times for things they didn’t even receive, so beware of that if you decide to join this program.

Another thing that has happened in the program is that the medical industry Is not happy with Freedom at Home team because of unlicensed marketers not obeying the law, and trying to trick people into buying their products, which tends to upset the state regulators of course. Plus the so called insurance discount card doesn’t even work when it comes to hospitals, so your customers don’t like it very much since it doesn’t actually save them much money.


All in all, the Freedom at Home Team is not 100 percent a scam per say, but there are enough problems and costs regarding it that most of its participants are not going to make much if any money from it. Plus, people don’t like the fact they must recruit other participants if they truly want to make much money.

Technically it is possible to earn an income if you join Freedom at Home Team, but it could require you doing things you may find disturbing on some levels, as well as putting out a large portion of your own money just to stay in the program at all.

Therefore, if I were you and were trying to make money online, I would not join the Freedom at Home Team.